Under the #BoringFilmTechStuff hashtag on Twitter, I’ve been making available a series of technical posts that I thought might be useful or interesting to other filmmakers. Here is a list of links to some of those posts:

Resolution Demo

Display Prep Demo

Matching Lens Blur On Different Formats

On Color Science: An Intro For Filmmakers

Chart Of Common Viewing Angles

On Film Grain Emulation

Replies To Some Inquiries About The Resolution Demo

Exposure Equations and Light Meter Calibration

Viewing RAW On Set

Knowing Our Tools

A Reply To Those Asking For My Recipe

My Philosophy: The Mario Emails

The Mario Emails (long version)

OLED Settings

On A Well-Meaning But Muddled Article (Part 1)

On A Well-Meaning But Muddled Article (Part 2)

On A Well-Meaning But Muddled Article (Part 3)

A Reluctant Quantification Of Megapixels

Big K 2014: Why We Don't Need 4k TVs

Big K 2014 (short version)

Video Saturation Versus Perceptual Saturation

Answering An Inquiry On Open Gate

Traduction: Display Prep Demo Voice Over In French