Under the #BoringFilmTechStuff hashtag on Twitter, I’ve been making available a series of technical posts that I thought might be useful or interesting to other filmmakers. Here is a comprehensive list as of July 24, 2017:

Resolution Demo

Display Prep Demo

Matching Lens Blur On Different Formats

On Color Science: An Intro For Filmmakers

Chart Of Common Viewing Angles

On Film Grain Emulation

Replies To Some Inquiries About The Resolution Demo

Viewing RAW On Set

Knowing Our Tools

A Reply To Those Asking For My Recipe

My Philosophy: The Mario Emails

The Mario Emails (long version)

OLED Settings

On A Well-Meaning But Muddled Article (Part 1)

On A Well-Meaning But Muddled Article (Part 2)

On A Well-Meaning But Muddled Article (Part 3)

A Reluctant Quantification Of Megapixels

Big K 2014: Why We Don't Need 4k TVs

Big K 2014 (short version)

Video Saturation Versus Perceptual Saturation

Answering An Inquiry On Open Gate

Traduction: Display Prep Demo Voice Over In French